Chimoora for Android - Preview [VIDEO]

Written by Achim on 21 June 2012. Posted in Android

Chimoora for Android 4 Chimoora is an Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) native app. It's designed to bring the features of a Joomla! powered website to Android devices.

The first version of Chimoora will support the following Joomla! features/extensions:

  • Joomla! native articles ( news, blogs)
  • Forums ( powered by Discussions)
  • Classifieds ( powered by Marketplace)
  • Private Messages ( now part of Discussions, see above)

For the server side I'm writing a Joomla! extension which provides a REST API to receive requests from Chimoora and feed it with data in JSON format. I'll write more about the API extension later. It's just too early in the development process and some things will definitely change before it goes in production mode.


A Chimoora preview video is now up on YouTube, Vimeo and Youku:



Chimoora for Android (Preview)


Chimoora for Android (Preview)

Chimoora is still in an early stage but I'm already using it to check for forum posts when I'm travelling around. Speaking about travelling: Next chance to meet me is at the Joomla! Day South Africa 2012 in Cape Town. I will talk about Chimoora there and show it to you live in action.

For news, keep an eye on this website or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Sina Weibo.

BTW Apps for other operating systems are planned as well. Please also follow Chimoora on Twitter.

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Achim is the owner of Codingfish Limited. He is a big fan of mobile devices and is currently developing some native Android and iOS apps. Achim is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Fuldany

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