HOW TO: Pimp the Joomla! login module

Written by Achim on 14 October 2012. Posted in Joomla!

Pimped Joomla! login module This article explains how to add some functionality to the standard Joomla! login module using an HTML override. The example below is taken from my website running on Joomla! 2.5.

Recently I changed the template of my website. Instead of getting one from a template club I decided to create a template from scratch using the Bootstrap Framework which is used by Joomla! 3.x. An excellent start for this new template gave me the Blank Template and Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial for Joomla! from Alexander Schmidt.

After the template was finished (so far) I found that the standard Joomla! login module looked a bit boring an could need some more functionality. The plan was to give my users access to often needed functions like "Private Messages" and the "Forum User Profile". I'm getting a lot of questions about how I created that "pimped" module so here is a howto.

Step 1: The HTML Override

Yes, it is possible to add functionality to Joomla! code without loosing the changes with the next Joomla! update. The answer is "HTML Override". The Joomla! documentation shows how that generally works: How to override the output from the Joomla! core

In our case we do NOT edit ./modules/mod_login/tmpl/default.php. Instead we create a copy of that file in the templates subdirectory. Go to TEMPLATE_NAME/html and create a directory "mod_login", then enter that directory and copy the above mentioned "default.php" to this new directory.


mkdir mod_login

cd mod_login

cp PATH_TO_JOOMLA/modules/mod_login/tmpl/default.php .

Step 2: Modify the login module html output

I wanted to have 3 links in the module, a link to the Joomla! profile settings (name, username, password,…), a link to the Discussions user profile (avatar, signature, …) and a link to the user's Private Messages. I opened the copy of default.php and added the links to my extensions. e.g.

Modified module code

You'll find the complete default.php in the zip-file:

Download modified default.php

Please note that this code is written for my website and only shows nice icons when used with Bootstrap. If you are not using Bootstrap, then you might want to add some icons the "traditional way" with img-tags. Anyway, the code should work and should give you a good start for your own User-Box.


1. How to override the output from the Joomla! core
2. Bootstrap
3. Blank Template and Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial for Joomla!

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15.10.2012 03:34
After I asked you on Facebook how to do it I was saddened by the fact I could not easily do this. I tried my own thing but it does not work very well, so thank you for adding this.
17.10.2012 19:33
Thanks Achim for sharing this, I have allways liked your login module. So now I have implemented it on my side too. I'm just missing the icons.
17.10.2012 22:00
@Eagledk Yes, the icons are inserted automatically by Bootstrap. You could just put an html img tag in front of the lines to put some icons in there.
18.10.2012 18:02
Thanks again Achim, but I had to remove it again, because I haven't seen that when I implemented the new design, it allso changed it before login, and that wasn't looking good because of my template.
28.08.2013 20:40
Hey, so the tutorial looks fine, but I'm running across an issue where I modify my template in /var/www/templates/rt_ionosphere/html/mod_login and I modify the default.php, but the changes don't show at all. I've tried clearing my Joomla Cache and my browser cache to no avail. Any ideas as to why nothing's changing? Thank you.
25.02.2014 03:26
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