Joomla!Day China 2012 in Shanghai

Written by Achim on 10 June 2012. Posted in Joomla!

Joomla!Day China 2012 in Shanghai The first ever Joomla!Day in China took place at the German Centre in Shanghai on June 2nd 2012. Berry Yang and her team managed to create a very well organized Joomla!Day in one of the most amazing cities I ever visited.

The venue was just perfect for the around 80-90 attendees. All people I talked with (and that where a lot) where very interested in Joomla! and where also very interested about any kind of cooperation. I came home with a lot of business cards.

Presenters at the Joomla!Day China 2012 in Shanghai where Andrew Eddie, Derek Joe, Hagen Graf, Luffy Xiao and Achim Fischer.

Joomla!Day China photos:

Joomla!Day Registration Berry Yang welcomes the attendees

Sting Chen, Achim Fischer, Hagen Graf and Paul Qu Derek Joe presenting

See the complete Shanghai photo set on Flickr

The Joomla!Day presentations:

Andrew Eddie: Building the Joomla! Platform

Derek Joe: What Joomla! brings to China?
(not on Slideshare yet)

Hagen Graf: Joomla! free book project

Luffy Xiao: Joomla! in eBay Analytics Platform
(not on Slideshare yet)

Achim Fischer: Running an Online Community with Joomla!

Social Media websites in China:

It was the first time I experienced what it means not to be able to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Hootsuite and some other social media services. In China Sina Weibo is very popular which is much like Twitter with a few Facebook features. The problem is, that it's only available in Mandarin Chinese. There is an english version of the Weibo Android app, though. However, I managed to create an account and posted a few Weibos (in English of course). My follower base is increasing :-) Meanwhile I also have an account on Youku which is the chinese version of YouTube. Thank you to Derek Joe for helping me.

What else?:

It was the first time I have travelled to China and I can say that I was very impressed of what I saw in the mega-city Shanghai. Everything is so big. Well, not everything. See the McDonald's photo below :-)

Shanghai Nanjing Road Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Pudong skyline HDR McDonald's at the Huangpu river

See the complete Shanghai photo set on Flickr

The Shanghai Transrapid:

It was also the first time I took a ride on the Transrapid. The Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train which was developed and built in Germany but for the Germans it was too expensive to build a track for it :-) The "Shanghai Transrapid" (also called "Maglev") is world wide the only one which is on public duty. If you come to Shanghai, don't miss a ride. Jump on it right at the Pudong airport and travel with 430 km/h into the city :-)


I'm glad that I was part of the very first Joomla!Day in China and I'm sure that this was only the beginning of a series of Joomla! events. Derek Joe already talked about a Joomla! User Group and a Joomla!Day in Shenzhen. If I can make it, I will be there :-)


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11.06.2012 11:00
Looks like it was an interesting trip and an amazing experience. And nice presentation on "Running an Online Community with Joomla!"
11.06.2012 11:03
Thank you. Yes, it was a vey interesting trip. Shanghai is an unbelievable city.
17.07.2012 17:02
Really, it was a amazing trip. And nice presentation on "Running an Online Community with Joomla!" JoomTech

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