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Written by Achim on 09 May 2012. Posted in Joomla!

Comments for Joomla! articles in Discussions The next version of Discussions will introduce comments for Joomla! articles. Since I migrated to Joomla! 2.5 I missed the comments feature for my articles. The comment extension I used on J1.5 was not available for J2.5 so I had to come up with another solution. Well, I already have a forum extension in my portfolio and I thought a comment feature would fit quite nice into it. So here is the preview of the upcoming Discussions Comments for Joomla! articles.


Please keep in mind that this is a preview and I may change a few things until it will be released. Comments will start with a very basic feature set. Users can enter a comment to an article only if they are logged in. No guest comments are supported. If the user has uploaded an avatar in the Discussions profile that one will be displayed.


The frontend, powered by a new Discussions content plugin, consists of 3 parts:
  • An about the author box
  • A list of already existing comments
  • A form to enter a new comment
Actually there's not much to write about it. Just scroll down, have a look and leave a comment ;-)

Comments for Joomla! articles in Discussions
Article frontend - Comments section


Discussions gets an additional tab in the backend to offer comments administration.

Discussions Comments - Dashboard
Discussions backend - Dashboard

You will be able to see which user wrote the comment and you will be able to publish/unpublish or delete the comment. Also you will see to which article the comment belongs to.

Discussions Comments - List
Discussions backend - Comments list

On the comments detail page you will be able to edit the comment text. Just in case someone left a comment with some nasty words :-)

Discussions Comments - Details
Discussions backend - Comments details

There is still a bit work to do until public release (e.g. Email notifications) but hey, it's already working. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Oh and don't forget to leave a comment ;-)

About the author


Achim Fischer, Codingfish

Achim is the owner of Codingfish Limited. He is a big fan of mobile devices and is currently developing some native Android and iOS apps. Achim is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Fuldany

Showing 15 comments to "Comments for Joomla! articles in Discussions [Preview]"

09.05.2012 17:53
Hi all,

just want to show you how a comment looks like.

10.05.2012 13:50
Hi Achim

I think you waste your time to develop a comment system. The Jcomments new version is now ready, and it works very very very well.

I suggest to you, stay on development and improvement the forum it will be better in my opinion.

There are still many missing features.

10.05.2012 14:38
Hi Antoine,

thank you very much for your comment.

Despite the fact that Kunena is a very good forum system and works very well, I spent a lot of time to develop Discussions and I'm happy to say that it was not a waste of time Maaany people like it. Same is true for JComments. Why do you think that everyone in the Joomla! world is happy with it?

Speaking for myself, I like to have as less different 3rd party software on my website as possible. Having a forum, private messages and comments in one extension has a lot of advantages. Same look, best use of common features (e.g. avatars), only one extension to update, easier administration and more.

Waste of time? I'm using it. I'm not dependent on software updates from other devs when the next Joomla! version comes out. Mission completed.

Maybe some other users think like me

10.05.2012 18:07
Okay I understand completely your opinion.

I also like when the choise is diverse. That why I tested and I'm using your Discussion component.

Your Discussion component is very good but there are still missing features compare to Kunena (e.g. follow a topic by email, WYSIWYG etc...).

In my opinion, it will be better to finish the forum before create a new Comments System. There is a lot of work to developp a Comment System if your goal is like JComments.

It's up to you, it was just a comment. Your work is very good and thank you so much for this.
10.05.2012 18:17
I 'm not creating a new comments system like JComments. It's just a new feature in Discussions and it's almost done.

BTW your last comment was the first which triggered an email notification.

Discussions is never "finished" and was never planned to top other forum systems in features. I like it clean and simple.

18.05.2012 23:44
I really like your extensions Achim they are fantastic and extremly simple and i totally agree to have as less different 3rd party software on my website as possible.
But, I Think u should add a WYSIWYG editor, because it would be a great improvement letting everyone choose their favourite editor.
For example: I would like to be able to put an image or align the text to the center, a few buttons, not much but neccesary for me. Also i don't like the format text box that appears in the bottom of a new thread.

Another thing that i would like to see is a Poll system for the forum and, if possible, a module to display them on the hole site.

Thanks for hearing suggestions! And excellent job.
(ps: Sorry for my english)
25.05.2012 20:37
Thank you Achim , i think it is wonderful extension for J! 2.5
i like simple extensions
i like you works
02.06.2012 10:42
I am a big fan of your simplicity which should hopefully decorate the future interwebs!
I am looking forward to this 'comment' feature and to get rid of 3rd party Disqus on my own site.
04.10.2012 05:45
I love the fact that this will integrate with discussions making it a better reason for my users to edit things like their profile. And they dont have to login to my website then diqus to post a comment.
23.10.2012 15:41
Thank you for Discussions extension. Im new to Joomla, I like the simplicity that comes with Discussions. It was easy to configure and to use. Im looking forward to the comment feature wish it was ready already :)
24.12.2012 10:59
Looking forward for comment feature. Good posting, thank you
01.02.2013 11:06
Hi Achim,

Congratulations for making really cool extensions! When do you think Discussions with comments option will be available to download? I honestly can't wait
09.02.2013 02:16
very good but i need frensh extension !! i speak french
07.03.2013 06:24
Hi Achim,

U've done very good job ! But i have a question, when it will be possible to download this module ?
07.03.2013 18:17
Seconded - jonasz!

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