Discussions 1.5 released

Written by Achim on 29 January 2012. Posted in Joomla!

Codingfish Discussions 1.5 Discussions 1.5 is a forum extension for Joomla! 2.5

As announced in Codingfish Roadmap 2012, Discussions 1.5 is the first of my extensions which is available for Joomla! 2.5 only. It may run on Joomla! 1.7 but keep in mind that from now on I only develop and test on Joomla! 2.5.

See Discussions live in action: codingfish.com/forums


Changelog Discussions 1.5:

  • Joomla! 2.5 only!
  • Private Messages
  • Bug fixes and optimizations


Discussions 1.5 now includes my private messaging solution Primezilla which will not be continued as an own extension.

Important note for Primezilla users:

During the installation (or update) process of Discussions it automatically looks if you have Primezilla installed. If yes, Discussions transfers all messages (inbox and outbox) as well as the user profile settings to the new database fields in Discussions.

After Discussions has installed or updated itself, please go to the Discussions backend and have a look at the new "Messages" tab. Check if the messages have been transfered. Also look at some user profiles. The messages information (signature, email-notificication,...) should be there.
If everything looks fine, you should uninstall Primezilla as it is not needed anymore.


Upgrade from Discussions 1.0 and above:

1. Make a backup!!!
2. Save changes you made e.g. in CSS file or language file.
3. Save your HTML code in social media buttons fields and html boxes fields in backend options.
4. Just install the new Discussions version over the "old" running version.


Please note:

I primarily develop Discussions for my own online community italobikes where it handles far more than 200.000 posts so you can be sure that it works. I give it away for FREE and I offer a forum here on my website where you can communicate about it. I do not make my living from my Joomla! extensions. Sometimes when I do have some spare time I try to help in the forums but:

*** I do not give free support! ***

It is not a trivial task to install, configure and manage online forums. You should at least be familiar with the basic tasks of the Joomla! CMS e.g. howto install extensions, create a menu entry and use the backend.

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