Preparing the relaunch


Codingfish on Chimoora has been powered by the CMS Joomla! for a couple of years. Now, the time has come to replace it with a brandnew CMS. In recent months I wrote an own CMS from scratch and now it's ready for prime time! will soon be relaunched. The website will then be powered by Chimoora, a Ruby on Rails based Content Management System.

Some information about the relaunch:

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Codingfish Roadmap 2014


Codingfish On February 1st, 2014 I will join the Android team at Medion in Essen, Germany as a "Senior Software Engineer". In this new regular job I will help to create great Android devices with our team in Essen and our partners in China.

This fulltime job will of course affect all my other projects. In short I would say:

Much less (almost zero) Joomla!, a bit more Ruby on Rails and much more Android.

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Codingfish Roadmap 2013


Codingfish As you may know, I do a lot of different things. Running websites, developing software and attending events around the world. Last year (2012) I attended Joomla! events in South Africa, China, USA and of course Germany plus a few non Joomla! related events (mostly about mobile devices).

For this year I decided to focus much more on development for mobile devices and on my own project Fuldany, which is a social network for my hometown Fulda in Germany.

The problem now is, that I can't do all of that at the same time. It's time for spring cleaning.

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Finally I found the time to migrate my own website to the latest and greatest Joomla! release. It took more time than I thought but now it's done. There still is a bit work to do but I'm happy that I'm able to run the latest releases of my own extensions now :-)

This is just a first, more general, post about the migration. I will write at least one more in which I will describe the technical things (e.g. sql scripts).

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Codingfish Roadmap 2012


Codingfish Roadmap 2012 Before I start to give you an outlook for 2012 I would like to show you what I'm currently doing.

1) Joomla! extension development:
I'm the developer of the 3 Joomla! extensions Discussions, Marketplace and Primezilla. This means 3 components plus a few supporting modules. Because of the major changes between J1.5 and J1.6/1.7 I'm currently maintaining 2 versions for each of my extensions. That's a lot of stuff to write and test for each release.

2) Ruby on Rails:
I'm also doing some Ruby on Rails development. As my first bigger project in Ruby on Rails I'm setting up the social network (german language) for my hometown Fulda. Its called "Fuldany", derived from Fulda, Germany.

3) Mobile devices:
I started to write apps for my Joomla! extensions and my new project Fuldany. First there will be Android apps followed by Windows Phone apps.

4) Freelance projects:
Yeah, even I need some money :-) Sometimes I'm working on projects which are offered to me. This can be everything. Developing software, writing documentation or specification and so on.

5) Community Management:
I'm running the online community (for friends of italian motorcycles). That means I have to deal with everything around community management, software, marketing and so on.

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