Droidcon Greece 2015 - My Impressions

Published: October 13, 2015    Author: Achim Fischer
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The droidcon Greece 2015 took place on the 10th-12th of September at the Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” in Thessaloniki.

It was the first droidcon in Greece and you know that I like to attend those first events of a series because they are always something special. This event was no exception. I really liked it.


The Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” was a bit outside of the city but there was a droidcon shuttle bus from the Aristotelous Square in the city to NOESIS in the morning and one back in the evening. Also there was a regular bus stop not far away from the venue. The main room was like a small cinema with a nice stage. The WIFI connection was good at most times.



The organization was something special here. There was no big company or big sponsor. The droidcon Greece was organized by a very enthusiastic team around the GDG Thessaloniki. They did an extremely good job and I can't thank them enough for their commitment to make this event a big success. A special thank you goes to Eliza Camber for supporting us speakers. Great job guys!

Attendees talking during a break


Damien Mabin (Google), Josh Skeen (Big Nerd Ranch), Svetlana Isakova (JetBrains), Andreas Vourkos (Pollfish) and many more. That was a very interesting speaker lineup.

Svetlana Isakova (JetBrains)

Raymond Chenon (Zalando)

More information about the speakers on: droidcon Greece 2015 Speakers.


It was the first droidcon in Greece (and btw my first trip to Greece) and it was a great one. The team is already planning for the next droidcon Greece in 2016. You should keep an eye on their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+.

People listening to interesting presentations


My droidcon Greece 2015 presentation on SlideShare:
Push it! How to use Google Cloud Messaging in your Android App

droidcon Greece 2015 photo gallery

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