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Published: June 26, 2015    Author: Achim Fischer
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I implemented some new features in the Chimoora CMS on which my website is running. These new features include:

1. Configurable user login/registration.
2. Configurable forums-section: Yes/No.
3. Configurable comments. Yes/No. If yes, what kind of comments are allowed (internal or external).

What changed on

1. No user registration anymore

I disabled registration and login for users AND I wiped out the users table. All users are gone.

2. I switched off the forums

Altogether. No forums anymore. I know, Google will punish me severely for this step. Most of the forums dealed with my older Joomla!-extensions and I do not develop for Joomla! anymore. Almost all new users and forum-posts where spam and I hate spam. It's stealing my time.

3. New comment system

As users are not able to login and use the internal comment system anymore, I decided to use an external comment system: Disqus. Check it out below this article and leave a comment ;-)

That's it for now. Just wanted to keep you informed.

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