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Published: May 04, 2015    Author: Achim Fischer
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The Apps World Germany 2015 took place on April 22/23 at the CityCube in Berlin. It was the first Apps World in Germany and I was curious because the lineup looked very interesting.

After the two days I left Berlin with mixed emotions. Actually the event was quite good... but...

... OK, I will tell you about the "but" later ;-)


There is nothing bad to say about the CityCube. The venue was a good choice for a pretty big event like the Apps World. The free WIFI connection was very slow at most of the time. The catering was "OK". Because you could get free event tickets, you had to pay for everything (food, drinks, coffee,...).

Apps World Day 1


The organization was excellent. It seemed that everything worked perfect. The registration process was fast and simple.

Apps World registration


Very good speaker lineup including Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder Apple), Peter Molyneux (Founder Lionhead Studios) and much more. I actually didn't like the panel discussions very much but the "normal" talks and presentations where good. The "Fireside Chat" with Steve Wozniak was a highlight for me. It was great to listen to a Silicon Valley legend.

Fireside Chat with Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder Apple)

Droid World stage


Wait... now why did I leave with mixed emotions?

The Apps World felt more like a fair to me. There's one big hall with lots of booths from different companies trying to sell all kind of services. The different stages (Developer World, Droid World, ...) where placed directly inside this busy environment. Sometimes it was very hard to follow a presentation because of the high noise level. On both days I got headaches within a short time.

Apps World booths

BTW The Apps World app is really bad. The UI and UX is horrible. For an event which is called "Apps World" this app is a bad joke. Dear Apps World, please hire someone to write a native iOS-, Android- and Windows-App and replace this HTML/JS/Whatever-One-App-For-All-Plattforms-Thing.

If I would attend another Apps World, I would definitely not spend a single cent for a ticket. The money for the Expo Plus pass with access to the networking tool was completely wasted. My advice: Just get the free ticket and enjoy the expo and the presentations.

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