Droidcon Dubai 2015 - My Impressions

Published: April 24, 2015    Author: Achim Fischer
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The Droidcon Dubai 2015 took place on the 14th-16th of April at the Knowledge Village Conference Centre in Dubai. This was my first major Android event in 2015.

It was the first Droidcon in Dubai and I really like to attend those first events of a series because you can always feel the atmosphere of departure.


The Knowledge Village Conference Centre was a perfect venue for the Droidcon Dubai. Not too big, not too small, just right. Imagine a little cinema with very comfortable seats. That's it. Excellent view to the stage from every single seat. A decent WIFI connection and a very good catering service.

Knowlegde Village Conference Centre

Inside the venue


The Droidcon Dubai organization team around Mohamad Harastani and Sameer Sortur did an outstanding job. Everything from registration over catering to the speaker lineup was excellent. Well done.

Droidcon Dubai opening ceremony


Nasser Saleem Ahmed (Google), Felix Rieseberg & Jason Poon (Microsoft), Hamid Khafagy (IBM), Cristiano Betta (Paypal), Danny Preussler (Groupon) and many more. Doesn't that sound good? :-) More information about the talks on Droidcon Dubai.

Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director at Dubai Internet City


It was the first Droidcon in Dubai and I'm sure it was the beginning of something big. Phantastic venue, excellent sessions and a top organization. I'm really looking forward to the Droidcon Dubai 2016. :-)

Dubai Marina

Special advice: If you have never been to Dubai, take a few days off around the next Droidcon. You must see this city, it's awesome!

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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