Codingfish Roadmap 2015

Published: January 21, 2015    Author: Achim Fischer
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The big topics in 2015 will be my Ruby on Rails based CMS Chimoora and Android development in general.

I will leave MEDION, where I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer in their Android-Team, by the end of March so I will then have more time for my own projects.

From April on I will work on Chimoora and I will continue to deepen my knowledge about Android and iOS. Furthermore I will attend a few, mostly Android related, events. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for the latest updates.

More about my projects:


I'm working on a Content Management System (CMS) which, although it's in an early state, already replaced the Joomla! installation on Chimoora is developed using Ruby on Rails 4 and Bootstrap 3. Features like Blog-Articles, Photo-Galleries and Forums are already working fine. The backend is ... pretty much non-existent, yet :-) If I can make good progress in 2015, I may release Chimoora as open source software. Let me know what you think.


My website has been relaunched in 2014 and is now using my brandnew CMS Chimoora. New features will be added in 2015.

My online community about italian motorcycles is still running Joomla! and will relaunch on Chimoora after that has been tested extensively on

The Ruby on Rails based social network for my hometown Fulda has been launched in 2013. I haven't decided about the future for Fuldany, yet but it may very well be that I will close it.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Codingfish for Android will come in a new version with Material Design. I'm still working on it.

Fuldany for Android and Fuldany for iOS I haven't decided yet. Depends on the decision regarding the website (see above). Will let you know.

New Android App I'm thinking about a new Android app (still unnamed). Actually I already started to implement the UI (Material Design). Maybe I can show a first version at the Droidcon Dubai in April. *shhh* It's still top secret ;-)


This year I will attend some Droidcons and a few other events. I have already signed up for the Droidcons in Dubai(April) and London(October). When I add more events to my schedule I will let you know.


I will spend more time increasing my photography skills. See my photos on 500px: Achim Fischer on 500px

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you. May you all have a great year 2015 :-)


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Founder and Managing Director of Codingfish. Android- and Rails-developer. Creator of the CMS Chimoora. Big fan of mobile devices. Hobby photographer. Feel free to add me on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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