Google I/O 2014 - My personal Thoughts

Published: June 29, 2014    Author: Achim Fischer
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The Google I/O 2014 took place on June 25/26 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco and I was there.
It was my first IO and I would like to give a big "thank you" to my employer MEDION for the opportunity to attend this awesome event :-)
Most (if not all) of the sessions are on YouTube in the meantime so in this post I will only write my personal thoughts on the Google I/O 2014.


Just perfect. The Moscone West Convention Center ist a fabulous venue especially for big events like this. The equipment in all rooms is very good. Big screens everywhere, good sound even in the last rows. A really big breakfast room was located on the ground floor and the catering was awesome. An extra thank you to Google for this. Restrooms were on all floors. Enough place to sit around and talk to other people everywhere. I repeat: An awesome venue.

The event was pretty crowded. Too much, if you ask me.


The sessions were great, all people (including Google staff) were nice but there was one VERY annoying thing: On the first day they let queue up the attendees all around the block of the Moscone West Convention Center plus another half of the block. My guess was 1,5 km!

The doors opened at around 8:30am. When the keynote started at 9:00am around a half of the people still stood outside of the building! Why the hell, Google, are you doing this? People fly thousands of kilometers to San Francisco, get up early to be at 7:00am at the venue, stand 2 hours in a giant queue and still miss most of the keynote! THIS IS NOT OK!!! Open up the doors earlier, that cannot be that difficult. That was very annoying and frustrating.

What's new in Android? Chet Haase is a great presenter!

Q&A session on Material design. Nice to see people like Matias Duarte live on stage.


Exactly what I expected. Thousands of geeks from all around the world. Just amazing. Really big fun. The coolest "session" was the soccer match USA vs Germany at the ESPN booth. You know I'm German and when I cried "Jaaaaaaa" when Germany scored the 1:0 they looked at me like WTF??? Very funny :-) At least they didn't beat me up ;-)

Watching the soccer match USA vs Germany at the ESPN booth.


Would I go to the Google I/O again? Yes, of course! The event itself was great and I would definitely go there again but next time I would get there 2 days earlier. I arrived on monday evening and my jetlag stroke me down on tuesday afternoon so I missed the Crashlytics/Twitter party :-(

Stunning view from my hotel room. Sunrise in San Francisco.

It's a long trip from Germany to San Francisco, especially if you don't have a direct flight, but I think it's worth it. See you next year at the Google I/O 2015 :-)

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