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Published: June 08, 2014    Author: Achim Fischer
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My website has been relaunched! The website now runs on Chimoora, a Ruby on Rails based Content Management System (CMS). On my new website I will post articles around software development, mobile devices and all other geek stuff that I love. Also, be prepared to see some photos. I'm a hobby photographer ;-)

To relaunch a website always means a lot of work! For this new website I even wrote a complete CMS from scratch. Chimoora is based on Ruby 2, Rails 4 and Bootstrap 3. runs on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr). The Rails application server is Phusion Passenger Enterprise 4.

In the last couple of years my website was based on Joomla!. The forum extension "Discussions" was built by myself and everything was fine :-) When Joomla! 3 was released I decided not to do all the migration work (especially for my forum extension) again and rather build a system by my own.

After I gathered some Rails experience with my Fuldany project, I decided to use Rails for my own CMS. will now be the reference implementation for the Chimoora project. If you like it, please let me know. I haven't decided yet when and how I will release a publicly available version of Chimoora but if the feedback is positive, I will try to make it ready for public use as soon as possible.

At the beginning the system will probably have some rough edges here and there (hey, it's brand-new) but I will fix everything as fast as I can.


All active user accounts from the "old" Joomla! powered website have been imported but:

  1. You now have to log in with your email address and NOT with your username.

  2. The "old" passwords are not working anymore. You have to use the Forgot your password? function to reset your password.

Best regards

Achim Fischer aka Codingfish

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