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Published: April 05, 2014    Author: Achim Fischer
  Tweet      Share      Share      Pin it has been powered by the CMS Joomla! for a couple of years. Now, the time has come to replace it with a brandnew CMS. In recent months I wrote an own CMS from scratch and now it's ready for prime time! will soon be relaunched. The website will then be powered by Chimoora, a Ruby on Rails based Content Management System.

Some information about the relaunch:

How soon is "soon"?

I'm planning to set up a completely new root server running Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" which is supposed to be released on April 17th. As soon as my hoster Hetzner offers Ubuntu 14.04 for installation on new servers, I will start with the installation and configuration. I hope this will be done by the end of April. Guess I will need a weekend to get everything running on the new server.

What the heck is Chimoora?

Chimoora is a Content Management System built with Ruby on Rails and the Bootstrap frontend framework. Chimoora has been built by myself and will be the reference platform to show what it can do. Chimoora's basic features for now are blog articles, comments and discussion forums.

A little preview (with test data) of the new, Chimoora powered, startpage :-)

Codingfish on Chimoora

What about the "old" data. Articles and forum posts?

Articles, forum posts and user accounts will be migrated to Chimoora! The new forum section is compatible to my Joomla! extension "Discussions" so a migration will be very easy.

Will the "old" user accounts work on the new platform?

Yes, but... there is one thing users will have to do. The Chimoora login process will use email/password instead of Joomla!'s username/password so make sure you know the email address which you used for the registration on The "old" passwords will not work anymore after the relaunch because Chimoora uses a different password encryption method.

All passwords of all users will be reset to a random value. On the new website you will have to use the "password forgotten"-function to set up a new password. This is the only "work" on your side, I think this is fair ;-)

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