About me

Achim Fischer Codingfish Limited is a small software development company located in Fulda, Germany (100 km northeast of Frankfurt). Small means it is actually me, Achim Fischer, running the business. I am the founder and director.

Codingfish Limited was founded in December 2007. When I had to choose a name for the new company, I thought it would be a good idea just to say what I am doing. I am coding software (Coding) and my lastname is Fischer (english: Fisher) so I took the "fish" from it. There it is: Codingfish. Sometimes things are really simple :-)

Because I have a lot of experience in managing online communities (italobikes.com is online since 2000), Codingfish Limited is specialized on Content Management Systems (CMS) and Online Communities.

If you would like to contact me, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing. Feel free to add me to your contact list. Of course you may also send me a good old email.

Achim Fischer aka Codingfish

Products & Projects

chimoora.com - The Community Management System
italobikes.com - For friends of italian motorcycles
fuldany.de - The social network for Fulda
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